Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thinking About WHERE?

Hello boys and girls,

  As you know, each of you will be selecting an ordinary product to research and figuring out where it comes from.

  It's time to start thinking about what "stuff" you'd like to learn about.

  If you get some time in the Lab today (Thursday, December 13th), you can do a little research in here. If not, you'll be working on this in the classroom and we'll head up to the Lab another time.

  You will create and fill out a triple t-chart in your green Science duo-tang. Below are the categories and some examples.

My ideas for “stuff”/products to research: (list at least five of your own ideas)

-toilet paper

How Bill Nye shares his information in an interesting way: (add at least four of your own ideas)

-interviewing people on the street with compelling questions (what do orangutans and toothpaste have in common?)
-speaking enthusiastically

How I think I could possibly share my information for the “Where Challenge”: (add at least five of your own ideas)

-write a rap
-make a Bill Nye style video

  Together, we'll talk about great, juicy questions to help our research. For now, just get your creative wheels turning!

  When you finish filling out your chart, please put it in the Hand-In box. 

  Then, you may visit How It's Made and check out some inspiration!

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  1. well then i will be right on my way to doing the

    "where callenge" reasearch!