Tuesday, 4 December 2012

DRC-W Due Friiday

We have been hard at work on our December Restrictive Creative Writing tasks in class. Students used their ideas from Free Write to create a piece of creative writing which will be added to their anthologies (once our Draw Your World books arrive in the new year!).

The students decided to call this task the DRC-W "December Restrictive Creative Writing" because, together, we decided on some restrictions for our writing.

Students and I put together a rubric with a list of criteria (or restrictions) for the writing.

The rough draft is due tomorrow (Wednesday) in class. All students will revise and edit in class and the good copy is due on Friday.

Students who did not finish in class today will be bringing their Language books (decorated with graffitti duct tape) home tonight to work.

The criteria on the class-generated rubric:
-3 Writer's Workshop Tools (Tell It All, Say What You Mean, Put Muscles in Your Verbs, Pain Vivid Word Pictures)
-2 homonyms (words that are spelled the same and have different meanings)
-2 homophones (words that sound that same, have different meanings and are spelled differently)
-1 metaphor/simile
-4 Word Wall/Spelling Box words
-Revised: ARMS
-Edited: CUPS
-Good copy is clean
-Length - 1/2 page double spaced or longer

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