Monday, 17 December 2012

Kiva Candidates!

Time to vote! Fill out your "Kiva Vote" sheet in the computer lab!

Votes are coming in! I'll tally them here:
(If you voted to give $25 to a person, that counts as one vote, if you voted to give $50, that counts as two, if you voted to give $75, that counts as three!)

Fares: 7
Fidelia: 6
John: 8
Khat: 13
Loreto: 13
Stella: 10

Update #2:
We did it! At the VERY last minute on Monday, we counted up the votes. Khat, Loreto and Stella got the most votes from Room 209 and each recieved a $25 loan from us! It was EXTREMELY exciting! We all cheered!

Check it out! If anyone else makes a loan using this link, we get an extra $25 to loan!

Also, I realized that we can leave comments for our borrowers. Let's do that later this week!


  1. lots of toys and breands


  2. -She has a fratcured foot, that she fractured a couple years ago, which makes it almost impossible to walk, and I feel really bad for her bacause she is injured for la long time!It takes her a long time to transport!!
    -She is an elderly person (61)and the life encpectancy in El Salvedar is only 77, so that means she can only live (estimated)
    16 years to live.
    -She wants to buy items for her store to supplie it and keep it running, she really badly neweds to stock her store because eof the time of the year

    1. That is some of the reasons why I am voting for Fidelia

  3. Did you notice that Fidelia has her loan filled?
    Jhon is 82% there
    And fares still has quit a bit to go!!!