Saturday, 22 December 2012

DM&P Presentations

To share our knowledge about Data Management and Probability, students in Room 209 demonstrated creativity and created presentations about the concepts they'd learned. There were posters, flip books, crossword puzzles, board games, Cootie Catchers, a rap song, a play and even a superhero! As always, the students in Room 209 amazed one another (and their very proud teacher!).

This is a group who had already presented, but wanted to do a SECOND presentation, just for fun! We are all going to learn their rap after the holidays and maybe share it at a full-school Sharing!

Molly and Fiona created a really cool board game that is now available in the classroom for students to play during free time.

A group of girls thwarted a villain who wanted to create graphs incorrectly!

It's Bison Boy!
Finley presents her DM&P Puzzle


  1. i was awesome and so where mel,kaleigh and lauren!
    pat the awesome you really where awesome!
    everyone was also good
    shauna i really miss you and all of you guys in room 209!
    im reading so much i've read 7 books already!
    i'm ready to go to school again but its so long till that happens but i'm enjoying all the sleep in's thay are really nice i'll miss 'em when there done.
    and the movies are good.
    i'll miss those too.
    i miss all of you guys.

    - fifi/sophia

  2. I don't think I can believe this, but I'm really missing Room 209 and it's only Sunday, December 23rd!
    Christmas eve is tomorrow and I'm too exited for Christmas.

    1. i dont know why but every christmas eve and christmas day i feel sick and especially on christmas eve i feel like i am going to throw up:(
      but i dont i think i just get so excited i feel sick.

  3. Hi buddies,

    Merry Christmas, I miss you all too! I am having a really fun holiday with my family in Florida, though and look forward to telling you stories of my adventures here!

    How did your families like their coupon books?


  4. Bison Man(Pat) ant Yeti Boy(Thomas)