Friday, 21 December 2012

Secret Santa

In Room 209, we decided to celebrate Christmas as a group by giving Secret Santa gifts to one another. Each student drew the name of another randomly from a hat, and had two possible ideas of gifts written on the slip of paper they received. As they shopped or prepared gifts for their recipients, they were able to keep these ideas in mind, if needed. 

 On Friday, students proudly shared their gifts and we had newly graduated Eleves from the Kindergarted Elf Academy in to deliver the gifts.
 In class, we had extensively practiced "gracious gift receiving", but the gifts were so beautifully and carefully selected that everyone was naturally thrilled and it was easy to be gracious!
 It was great to see the excited looks on both the gift-giver and recipient's faces!
 In the afternoon, we all took turns guessing who selected the gifts for us. Some students were very surprised!
 Hunty's little sisters were both Elves and, even before Hunter opened his gift, they asked, "Will you share it with us?"
 Haydon was VERY excited with his whole gift - especially his billion dollar chocolate!
It was a WONDERFUL way to celebrate Christmas in Room 209 and I had such a blast watching my thoughtful and generous class share beautiful surprises with one another!


  1. my parents really liked the coupon book!

    they thought it was a nice way of me helping

    around the house!


  2. hey shauna my christmas was wonderful i hope you had a great christmas hope to see you at school.


  3. and steves is


  4. My gift was soooo good. It had alot of suger. Thank you Hunter very much.