Friday, 7 December 2012

Bal and Rachel - Canada World Youth - by Kaleigh

Hello peoples,

Bal and Rachel work with Canada World Youth and Gabby and Gabby's mom took them in. So, when they came into our class they told us about the Canada World Youth and I liked it because they were from different countries and they did so many different things. But sometimes I couldn't understand Rachel because Rachel was talking not so loud. She comes from Kenya, she speaks four languages: English, German, Swahili another native Kenyan language, I forget the name. Bal lives in Vancouver. My mom's dad (aka my grandpa) comes from Vancouver too. Bal is good at cooking chapati, which is from India. Once Gabi's mom came from a spa, and they got home at around 10 and there was a whole kitchen of people that Bal and Rachel invited, it was funny.

I liked meeting someone from Vancouver and Africa. Bal is from India originallly but she was born in Canada, her background is Indian. And we gave them Project Thank-You cards. We hope that it spreads all around the world and they bring it to Kenya. They are going to Kenya today, but they are stopping in London today!

-by Kaleigh

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