Friday, 21 December 2012

Ania's Presentation - CIDA

Liam's mom Ania, kindly came into our class to talk to us about her work with CIDA and share the Development Map with us. Our discussion was very rich and I was really proud of the way the students listened to Ania, answered her questions thoughtfully and asked some great questions of their own.

The ideas that Ania shared tied into a lot of the concepts that we have been talking about in class. We spoke about literacy, gender inequality, the differences between developed and developing countries, how kids like us can help to change the world, microloans and many other topics. The students were very engaged and we learned a lot from Ania!

At the end of her presentation. Ania gave each student a bookmark, a Development Map and a globe stress ball to take home.
Thank you so much to Ania for coming in and sharing her expertise with us!

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  1. It was very interesting. I was sitting up top at the front. I learned so much from it like which countries that are developed and which countries are not. Thank you Ania very very much. It was very fun.