Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Kiva Candidates

Hi boys and girls,

  You have a simple assignment today, but you have to put a lot of thought and care into it.

  Select a candidate for our Kiva donation. Write a comment on this post, link to that Kiva candate's page, include three compelling reasons why you've chosen that person (think back to our discussion in class). Your reasons should be at least three sentences total and use Writer's Workshop tools.

  If you have trouble creating the link to the candidate's page, just remember to copy the address on that specific page and paste it into your comment! Camden, Fiona, Gabby and Millie are all tech experts and can help!

 Some ideas: consider the candidate's gender, age, home country, type of business, personal story, whether he or she has a family or is single, how much money he or she is asking for, how much more money he or she needs, etc.

  Post with your name. We will vote later this week or early next week. We will split our $75 up in a way that we feel is fair.

  When you are done, you may play Free Rice, read Teach Kids News or read about the 14 most inspirational kids. You can even leave a comment about the 14 inspirational kids and let me know which one you'd like to do a news story about!

Have fun and be good for Geoff. He'll be looking forward to learning about how great you are on the blog!

I will miss you this afternoon! Have fun and I can't wait to read what you've all written and see who you've chosen! I wonder if any of you will select the same candidates!?


  1. Juan Jose wants to finish building his house, because his daughter has asthma and the humidity is very bad for her. Juan José's dream is to have a bigger and stronger house so his other baby can arrive. I would like to lend to Juan Jose, because he is:

    1. %60 done his loan.

    2. Helping his children for a good cost.

    3. His wife probably left him since his other baby has to arrive from somewhere else.

    -By Camden

    1. Click on my name to go to his link!!

    2. You wrote that really well!

    3. Camden,

      I really like that you figured out how to link back to the Kiva page of your candidate! Your reasons are very compelling also. Well done.

  2. Abelito, from the Phillipines, is 29 and he wants to expand his gardening buisness to suport his family. He also plans to expand his business more later. I really think that he should get it.

    1. Camden told me how to get the link in my name. Click on it to see Abelito please! :D

    2. Pat,

      Why do you think that Abelito is deserving? You gave some good information about him, but can you explain why those things are important to you personally?

  3. The pirson thst i am talking about is Oksana and she needs to ceap her house worm in the winter.And her children need to ceap worm in the winter.And she also needs a gas boiler so her house is worm and she can hav worm water at the same time to help her famoly.

  4. I want to lone to Claudia Patricia

    .1 She has a little shop in her house
    .2 She can't pay her bills
    .3She need's to buy chickens and pigs
    .4 She need's a bigger house

  5. I want to lone to Claudia Patricia

    1.she has a shop in a little house
    2.she wants to get some chickens and a pig
    3.she wants a big house

  6. I would like to loan to Fares her is why he is a 27 year old and has an extremely low salary he is married and he is still building his house he has no children yet here are some things he needs:cement, steel and other building materials he really makes me want to help x)

  7. @ Jackson & Miguel,
    Cool I agree with both of you. Those are good reasons!

  8. A loan of $850 helps John to buy a motor bike and some day hopes to buy a taxi to help create a better life for his family.
    John has participated in the motorcycle business for 4 years.
    John is also a very hard working man.

  9. I want to loan to victor because he needs a loan of $775 to drop off his car at the mechanic.

    1.He also needs his car fixed to drive his 18 years old son to school.

    2.He also needs the money to get a better house for his family to live in because he has a wood house.

    3.He also runs a business in the jungle that is the main reason he needs the loan.

    1. Thomas,

      Did you notice that this is also Victor's second loan with Kiva? He is obviously successful at paying back loans.

  10. Heydar is 33 years old he has 3 children and he is married and he has idp idp is type of dissabelment he needs monny for that also to buy cows and cattel he sells cattel to butchers and he sells milk from the cows. Click on my name above to see Heydar!

  11. jerrly she is vary poor and has a big farm that she can hardly afode to keep. she also has a 6 year old kid and a 2 year old kid her kids do not go to school and .and jerrly is only 25 years and failed primary school and she is also sigle.

    1. shauna the rest of mine is down louer

  12. AH-HA!
    Miguel typed:
    I want to lone to Claudia Patricia

    .1 She HAS a little shop in her house
    .2 She CAN'T pay her bills
    .3She NEED'S to buy chickens and pigs
    .4 She NEED'S a bigger house
    But Jackson typed:
    I want to lone to Claudia Patricia

    1.she HAS a shop in a little house
    2.she WANT'S to get some chickens and a pig
    3.she WANT'S a big house
    Now, which makes more sense???

    1. Hmmmm........... wonde rwho is right......... that is a hard one. I will have to look on that.

    2. Oops....... typo..... sorry.

    3. Pat,

      Are you asking if this is a questions of "want" versus "need"?

  13. Awesome Millie.com :)11 December 2012 at 11:56

    Leleiga,a 19 year old single mom with 1 child, needs money from a loan (she needs $425, as she already got $25 bucks from sombody),
    and she wants to start a garden for her and her child to eat.
    But to start a vegtable garden, she will need the right equipment
    and she needs the money. I think that she should have a chance to grow her own vegtables and that is who I think we should loan to unless we find someone who is selling medicine.

    Here are the reasons why:

    1. She is single, and raising a child at 19 should be hard.

    2. I think that she should have a chance to do these things.

    3. She only has 5% of the loan filled, she obviously needs more.

    I hope you agree with me!

    1. Millie,

      You've done a very good job organizing your post and put forth some compelling reasons here. I wonder if anyone found someone selling medicine. Do you think there is a way to search the Kiva site for that?

  14. They have 9 kids.thay need $5,925 to buy corn at wholesale. Selling clothes. Taxi service and selling food and the running grocery store.

    1. Hi Kaleigh,

      These seem like some good reasons to support a family, but it's going to be hard for anyone to find the link, as you didn't include the name or a link. Can you remember who you wanted to put forward?

  15. she is goning to pay for her feas and send he kids to school.

  16. The person I want to donate our 75$ is Khat: http://www.kiva.org/lend/491702
    About the Canidate:
    Age: 52
    Job: Runs a family farm!
    Family: Single Mom, 4 Children
    Loan goes to?: To buy a motor bike for her children to commute to work!
    I want to donate to her because:
    1. She is older (52) and she runs a farm with her children
    2. She is a low-income person and needs a loan of: $1,200 and she is only 4% towards her goal!
    3. She wants to buy a motor bike for her children to commute to work!, and I thought that would be a good way to spend our money!

    1. Fiona,

      You've organized your comment very well and made some compelling points. Did you want to donate all $75 to the same person or did you want to donate $25 each to three different people?

    2. I'm not to sure, I think to 2-3 different people!


  17. Loreto needs 475 dollars to go and he's a simple man but full of hope. He believes in the saying if others can why can't he. He's a hard working man and just to get started i will loan him 25 doller.and he is a farmer in his village but hes the mayor souce of livelihood

    1. Hi Liam,

      You've got some good ideas here, but need to remember to post using your own words. Let's practice this in class.

  18. i want to loan to the tubanirane-mabuye-nykby group because they

    are struggling alot and have three children(5 year old,a 6 month

    old and another child that didnt say how old they are. in total

    they have 3 kids,and 8 adults (11)people. they are half way to

    their full loan! so i thought it would be very important to them

    if they got their full loan!


  19. hi ,
    the person that i choose to nomanate for kiva is Islam . i can't
    explian her situation to you so insted click on my name and read her story

    1. Hi Laryssa,

      Even if you can't explain her story, I'd like you to tell us about why you would like to nominate her.

  20. I think that we should loan to Fidelia because:

    she is 61.
    she is a single mother with 3 kids.
    she has a store where she sells household items.
    she needs 1,500 to buy merchindise for her store.
    she has raised 1% so that means she has 1,475 more to raise.

  21. I think we should give to Stella because:
    -She is 25 years old and has 3 kids(5,7 and 3).
    -She has 0% raised
    -she needs food for her business.She runs a store and she wonts to add food to her store
    -Her wish is to send her kids to school.

  22. The person I want people to lend to is Saio

    1.Saio has a lot of percentage filled in here bar

    2.Saio has two children in primary school and needs some money to sell salt,fruit,

    3.Saio looks forward to the future so pleas vote for her

  23. The person I want to give the money to...Regina

    because she is a single mom of two children who both go to school,her money gose to school fees and rent[she lives in a rented house].
    She only wants $675 to get more cloth and thred for her shop She also wants to build a home.She has 92%raised and needs $50 more!

  24. there are 14 people in this group that are always serching for oportonitys to make there bisnesses better.

    they also have cildren.

    the members of the group sell: food sales, sales of crafts, a grocery store, fuel sales, drinks, fish, meat, fruit, sandals, materials, and much more.

    Mabel a member of the group has been in the sales of sandals and fruits like pineapple, pawpaw (papaya), grapes, and bananas.
    She runs a shop where she sells sandals and fruits, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., at her house. She buys what she needs from the market and supplies part to her puntual customers and sells part to the nearby customers. It's been 10 years since she started this business, and it is going very well for her, thanks to the effort she puts into her work and the support she received from ID-Ghana through Kiva. At this time, Mabel is in need of a loan of 1,000 Ghana cedis (GHS) to buy enough fruits and sandals to supply to customers. With Christmas approaching, customers are demanding for children's sandals for the celebration.

    In this Group: Sampson, Cynthia, Gladys, Mabel, Grace, Rebecca, Asheley, Mary, Victoria, Joseph, Mary, Grace, Victoria, Millicent

    In a group loan, each member of the group receives an individual loan but is part of a larger group of individuals. The group is there to provide support to the members. The other members of the group are not suposted to use their loans for the same purpose.the menbers are to pay back there own loans.


    1. Sophia,

      You have a lot of good information here, but need to make sure that when you post, it's in your own words. We will practice this in class.

  25. This group of friends and neighbors live in the district of 'kpeshie' in the greater Accra region of Ghana. This group is made up of 14 people who are whating for someone to land them money.They want money to help the business, and to bring a better future to their children.The stuff that they sale is crafts, drinks, fish, meat, fruit, sandals, materials, and much more.

    Mabel is a member of the group and what she dose is sale sandals and fruits like pineapples,pawpaw (papaya), grapes, and bananas. She runs a shop where she sells sandals and fruits, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. She buys items from the market and supplies. It has been 10 years since she stared this business, and it is going very well for her, thanks to the effort she puts into her work and the help that she got form Kiva. At this time, Mabel is in need of a loan of 1,000. She needs the money for her fruit and salad. With Christmas coming up people are whating for childrens' sandals for the celebration.

    The members of the group needs a total amount of 9,800 to improve their businesses. mabel and her group will pay back evrything

    1. I'm not sure who wrote this post. Is this by Sophia as well as the one above?

  26. I noticed when I was looking through the comments most people did not put a link to their person, so I'm asuming it will be tricky considering there are alot of people part of Kiva!

    1. Hi Fiona,

      Thanks for pointing that out. As I'm checking people's comments, it seems that Camden figured out a really good trick and that when you click on your classmates' names, it takes you directly to the Kiva page of the person they're nominating. We are missing some links for sure, though. We'll have to talk as a class to figure out what to do about this.