Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Thank You Song We Wrote for Craig Cardiff

Today, we had the priviledge of working with Craig Cardiff, singing with him and even getting to write a song with him!

After our time with him, we returned to our class, totally inspired and started to write a thank you letter. We were so inspired, in fact, that we wrote our letter as a song!

Here are the lyrics:

Chorus: Are you thanked here?
Yes, you are thanked here.

Were you enjoyed here?
Yes, you were enjoyed here.

Are you loved here?
Yes, you are loved here.

Are you worshipped here?
Yes, you are sort of worshipped here.

Love is like going to a Craig Cardiff concert
You are such an interesting person
You’d make a great teacher
A very good music teacher
You are a very good pleaser
You are very kind
You made us want to share our ideas


Ethan, Pat and Haydon were happy to beatbox
(Beatbox break, mouths covered so they don’t spit on the audience)
You’re Bluesfest worthy, so why don’t you play there
(play there, play there, play there)
(another beatbox break)
Thanks for letting us all get a chance to share
You’re really good at singing and playing the guitar
So why don’t you do it, and shine like a star


This is our school; this is your school too
A thousand swords couldn’t break your heart

You were really good
So can you play with us again?
Our time is up with you
So we hope for more soon

I bet we could name a hundred* things that are good about you
But we can only fit it in a single song


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