Monday, 19 November 2012

Reflecting on the Cardboard City

Room 209 students took some time to think about what they learned from the process of creating and running Cardboard City. I was amazed by their responses and have shared some of them below. Check them out!

What part of the Cardboard City process made you feel the most proud?
-I really liked it when some of the Kinders said when they were playing in the Cardboard City, "This is super FUN!". I'm not sure if you could see that I was proud, but I definitely was. - Millie
-When I helped people or I watched our class help people around the class or when people were smiling. - Ethan
-I felt proud when the kids came in and their eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. - Daniel

What did you learn from doing Cardboard City?
-I learned that teamwork goes farther. I learned that taking a turn is good because we all get a turn (and a break!) - Camden
-I learned how hard it is to be a teacher and how tiring it is to be a teacher. - Molly
-I learned what it is like to work. - Finley
-During our Cardboard City Council Meetings, we all listened to each other well. Any time anyone had trouble with their station, we all tried hard to help out and fix the problem. - Daniel
-One thing I learned is that being a teacher is hard (does Jeff really want to be a teacher?) - Miguel
-When you're in a cardboard box, it's very hot. - Miguel
-If you're in a group, it's better to be in a good group then just work with your friends. It's better to plan it out before you build. - Miguel
-I learned that having a job is a lot of work even for adults. It's tiring to have a job. - Liam
-That one little thing can become something big. - Thomas
-That I work well with littler kids. - Thomas
-I learned how to cooperate with Kinders better and how I can be a good role model. - Vickie
-I learned that not everything looks bad when it is not the same way you planned! And I can make more than I thought! - Vickie
-I learned you can do anything when we work together. - Gabby
-Never try to think of an idea too soon because it would probably get junky. Never give up because it's hard work. - Haydon
-Innovation is so important. - James
-That what you imagine is not usually the same as what you create. - James

What do you hope participants at your attraction learned?
-I hope they learned that when people work hard, they do a good job. I also hope that they learned that you need friendship to get the farthest in life! - Camden
-That you can do anything with cardboard and that you should try and never give up. - Lauren
-Every game has a proper main thing on it. Every game is different just like every person is different. - Haydon

If you had a chance to say something to Caine, what would you say?
-I was SOOO amazed that you, only a 9 year old boy, could make a heart-warming arcade. - Erika
-You are such a phenomonal person and you changed so many lives. You have inspired so many people to play and have fun with cardboard. - Vickie

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