Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Churchill + Craig Cardiff = Beautiful Music

Yesterday, all the students of Churchill helped Craig Cardiff write a song called "Love Turns I into We". Craig posted it on youtube! We're almost world famous!

Dana just emailed me with the video of our class, Alena's and half of Tiiu's singing our part of the song...

Here are three videos we took of our time with Craig:

I think Thomas took this, it's the very end of our song "Love Turns I into We"

This song is SUPER catchy, "Love Is Louder".

Our class Beatboxers:


  1. Looks like an awesome experience was had!

  2. 2 things:
    1. thats we beatboxing
    2.I tried to find out how "famous" we are and I couldn't find it on youtube!

    1. correction: "thats me beatboxing".

    2. Hi Pat,

      I checked the video again and noticed that it is "Unlisted", so only people with the address for it can find it! I guess we're not all that famous after all!