Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Animal Meeting

This week, we had a guest come in to our classroom. Lori from Gatineau Park came and led a meeting of the animals that live in Gatineau Park. She represented the mediator of the meeting and played the role of the fisher. It was a very interactive presentation in which each student got to "become" a wild animal and share what his or her needs are. We got a great perspective on wild animals by taking on their voices and now, more than ever, want to make sure to help protect real animals in the wild.

Lori encouraged all of us to visit Gatineau Park. It's open to the public all the seasons of the year and some students in our class have never been there!
The fisher.
As always, we had LOTS we wanted to share with Lori, but she had even more to share with us! We learned a lot about conservation and protection of animals in the wild.
Each student had a choice between 2 animals to represent.

The animals all introduced themselves to one another.
Guess what animal Madi was....
You got it...a beaver!

The animals from the Animal Meeting.
The animals all introduced themselves at the meeting in their own animal languages. It was pretty cute.

Lori Bennett has a website about her farm, and the programs she runs with her horses. Check it out!

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