Sunday, 11 November 2012

Haunted House

On Hallowe'en, we visited Tiiu's class' Haunted House on the stage in the Gym. It was wonderfully spooky!

After we came back to the classroom, we looked at some hilarious photos of people's reactions to Haunted Houses. I only wish we had photos of our own faces in the school Haunted House!

Students had lots of creative ideas about what the scared people were so frightened of, the ideas were so good that we did some creative writing about what they might have seen.

Each student began with the prompt, "They turned the corner, and then they saw...."

The variety of stories, creepy, spooky, funny and terrifying, were fabulous. Students are using their Writer's Workshop Tools perfectly to develop interesting stories.

Haunted House Reactions we looked at in class to inspire us.

Haunted House Reactions

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  1. wow shauna why dident you post any photos of the haunted house you should of brought your camera