Monday, 12 November 2012

Cardboard City - photos by Camden

After five weeks of collecting, planning, meeting, collaborating, building, tweaking and perfecting, Cardboard City was FINALLY ready for public consumption. We had eleven classes come through today! ELEVEN CLASSES! Nine of them played, two of them just came to observe. It was quite a day. I know that I (Sheriff Shauna) am thoroughly exhausted and I would guess that most of my Deputies are as well! After a good rest tonight, I can't wait to take up all our thoughts and reflections tomorrow. 

At one point today, Andrew asked me what I expected my students to "get" from all this. I pointed out the chart paper of "Learning Objectives" that we came up with a while ago, but I'll be very interested to hear the list of lessons you all learned from these five weeks of innovation and one day of non-stop action!

For those families that made it out to Cardboard City, it was great to see you! For those who couldn't make it, hopefully these photos will give you a bit of an idea of what went on!

Do you know who's under this robot costume? 
Thomas and Miguel teach a Kinder how to play Basketball in Steve's Arcade.
Melodee teaches a Kinder how to play her group's game: Pond Domination.
Millie got a HUGE workout pulling Kinders around on this little horse! 
Reilly's Whack-a-Mole game miraculously survived the day!
Lauren taught students how to interact with puppies.

Millie took a little break and a ride on the horse!
My camera ran out of battery life about 20 minutes into the day, but luckily Kate brought some of her cameras by. She'll be sending the photos my way and I'll post more of those soon. Hopefully students will remember which shots they took!

-all photos by Camden

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