Saturday, 17 November 2012

Meet the Degus!

We got two new class pets and so far, the consensus is - they're AWESOME! Everyone in Room 209 is in love and can't wait to get their hands on Caine and little No-Name (the official naming ceremony happens next Wednesday).

The little guys are just getting used to being in our room and will need some time before they're ready to be held, but for now, they're really fun to watch in their big aquarium!

Without further ado, the degus...

Jack, Jackson, Fiona and Ethan went down to the car with Laurie to pick up the "Mystery Box". Fiona got some great photos and a video!

Upper view of the cage - photo by Fiona
Laurie and Denise carry the degus to their new home - Room 209 - photo by Fiona
One of the degus was very curious on his ride to his new home - photo by Fiona
On the PA Day, I watched the little buddies snuggle all day!
Lauren's mom, Paula, had a pet rat and knows all about rodents! She'll be a good resource for us!
How could you not love this little face?!
The degus and I say good-bye for the weekend!

I have already watched this five times! This is the moment when the "Mystery Box" is revealed to the students of Room 209!


  1. the degus are extremely cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






  2. Wow there so qute and my mom made one of the degus fell asleep in her hands.