Thursday, 1 November 2012

Today is Hallowe'en! - by James

Today is Hallowe'en, we all have really good costumes. I am a warewolf, Pat is a Minecraft dude, Shauna's Ursula and Megan's some sort of witch. I really hope we have the Haunted House today (Shauna's note: We do. James' response: YES!). I can't wait to get a ton, and a ton, and a ton of candy! I personally think Pat has the best costume in the school. And my REAL costume for Hallowe'en is a Headless Demon. I didn't wear it to school because it has a ton of blood at the neck, two: it has a demon sword, and you can't really eat in it. AND the neck is a mask.

There's this cute Kinder parade the Kinders did and I'm surprised not many people were dressed up Star Wars. And a lot of the girls were fairies and princesses.

I really liked Trent's Chewy (from Star Wars).

I'm sure everybody else looks forward to getting candy.

Tomorrow, a lot of people are gonna get candy in their lunch and most people will be late for school.

-by James



  1. Great costumes everyone!! Hope you all had a safe and candy filled Halloween!!

  2. I personally think James shouldn't have said that Pat has the best costume in the school, cause maybe that would hurt other people's feelings. Other people worked very hard on their costume, and maybe they could take offence to it.

  3. Those are some snazzy costumes!!!!!!!


    1. They are snazzy,I can't think of better costumes!!!!!!!


  4. wow how did you guys come up with all those costumes?I can't wait until next year's hallowe'en and see all your costumes!