Thursday, 15 November 2012

Brainstorm: Ideas to Make Our Next News Show Even Better

Some tips and ideas to make our next news reports even better:
-Maybe just in case the video isn’t over, stay seated until the camera person does a thumbs’ up (James)
-Maybe look at the camera a little more. Look at your cards before we start filming so we know what we’re supposed to say. It looked cool how people came in through the back, ‘cause it looked like an actual newsroom. (Fiona)
-I think next time, the people shouldn’t look at the cue cards that much. Just about every time I saw people doing that, they were just reading their notebooks and it didn’t look like they were talking to you. You could read them first and try to memorize them, like Fiona said. (Hunter)
-Make sure you have your information correct. Double-check your facts! (Pat)
-Maybe we could make up an introduction and we could say, “321, Hello everybody” or “Good morning, Canada” at the exact same time. We could make up a specific introduction. (Finley)
-Next time, have some cue cards at the front that are beside the camera or write on one of the mini white boards and write what you wrote on your notepad. (Mel) Or we could use the projector and type the text. (Fiona) Like a teleprompter! (Shauna)
-I think we should have a back drop. (Sophia)
-I noticed that mine was a little long, so maybe some people could do shorter ones. (Vickie)
-For some people, they should make their voices louder, because some people I couldn’t hear. Keep your back straight and push out your voice. (Thomas)
-Maybe when people are doing it live, they should go outside. Like for Kaleigh, she could have gone outside to do her report on Hurricane Sandy. (Jackson)
-I think when people are doing their report, they should have not just their notebook, but also paper and a pen to make it look real. (Millie)
-Sort of like Jackson’s, next time, people should try to be clear. Let’s say, if you said, “The Giants won 8-10 to a team”, it wouldn’t make sense ‘cause you don’t know the other team. They would have to say “The Giants lost to Toronto Blue Jays” or something like that. (Ethan)
-If you do go to the bathroom, definitely go around and try not to be seen. There were a lot of people. (Madi)
-I think people should try to look at the camera more. (Jack)
-I think people should put more expression and be more enthusiastic. (Molly)
-I noticed that there were some people with long periods of saying nothing. It was really hard to understand. If you say half a sentence and then flip a page and say nothing, it’s hard to understand. Try to write smaller to fit it all on one page and not to leave big spaces. Just take small breaths. (Laryssa)
-Or you could write your notes on a big piece of paper. (Madi)
-First you should take notes on your pad, because what do we use them for anyway? And then make them into the story. (Melodee)
-Try to not go like “the….bear….went….in…..the…” (Haydon)
-I guess, try not to interrupt or correct people. (Camden)
-I have an idea to have fake microphones and ask questions. (Jackson)
-I think the audience should not make that much noise when somebody’s doing their story. Don’t move a lot, try to stay where you are and if you can, don’t take out a chair. (Sophia)
-Say with a lot of expression so it sounds like a news report. (Pat)
-Papers were rustling, and that’s why we couldn’t really hear some voices. Whoever has papers on stage should put them down if they don’t need them. (Thomas)
-I found that Daniel was hiding behind his paper and Owen was trying to signal to him to raise his head. I think you should not have your paper if you don’t need it. If you think you’re going to hide behind it or rustle it, don’t use it. (Fin)
-I noticed that some people, during the presentations, were walking by. If you need to get something, wait until the presentation is done. (Vickie)
-I think that the audience shouldn’t bring anything to the carpet with them, because I think a lot of the noise was coming from the audience, fiddling with their notebooks and stuff. (Hunter)
-I think it was good, but sometimes, I was looking at the paper a lot, a lot of people were looking at their papers, maybe they could have memorized their papers. (Kaleigh)
-I found some people weren’t looking at the camera. Don’t look at your sheet so much, memorize it. (Liam)
-After you’re done your part, try to keep on looking at the audience, don’t sit there and draw on a paper. (Erika)
-When you’re on the carpet, if you can’t control your notebook and are flipping through your notebook, just sit on it so you won’t get distracted. (Fin)
-I have a suggestion for next time. Maybe only one group at a time could be in the room so there would be no disruptions from the audience and they would watch it after, but not while it’s filming. (Gabby)
-You know when they come from the back cloak room, you could just sit where you come in. (Thomas)
-The group that I was in, we were in the hall when filming started, maybe somebody should come get us. (Gabby)
-Maybe we should have a sign on our door that says “Filming in Progress”. (Shauna)
-When someone is laughing, don’t encourage them to laugh more and don’t laugh. (Lauren)

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