Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kiva Loans - photos by Melodee

Inspired by Tiiu's class, we had a great discussion about the Micro-loan website, Kiva, today.

Tiiu's grade 6s are writing essays to try to persuade their classmates to loan money to one of three borrowers on Kiva. We talked about some of the reasons you might choose to loan one person money over another person. Then, I showed the students in Room 209 the five loans I have given on Kiva. 

Students in Room 209 took four sticky notes, each one representing $25, and voted on who they thought most deserved the $100 that Tiiu's class plans to loan. I wonder if Tiiu's class will vote the same way we did.

We were so inspired that Room 209 has decided to fundraise and will make a loan of our own next week! We now have a "Kiva donations box" in our classroom thanks to Pat's crafting skills!

-photos by Melodee


  1. I am so happy to see that we inspired you! We will be sure to come and tell you which way we have voted. We're wondering why so many of you chose Smbat and Josephine over Ednar?

  2. Hi shauna I just raisd 1510 grains of rice see you later.