Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Computer Lab Assignment: YOU Are the Reporter

Welcome to the computer lab, boys and girls,

  Today's assignment has you becoming a news reporter! 

  Click on the "articles" label either at the bottom of this post or on the right-hand side of the blog to see all the different articles available to you.

  Read the headlines and the articles. See which one seems the most compelling to you.

  Read the article again and make sure you understand the main idea and the details of it.

  Once you have selected an article and have read it twice, take out your "Reporter's Notebook" (which you have brought up to the lab with you) and take notes on the article. You are NOT copying the article word for word. The notes will be in your own words and will form a summary.

  Here is one way you can write your summary: List the 5 ws and one h. This is a great reporter's tool. Write the answers to who, what, where, when, why and how. You can select an interesting order to answer those questions in. If you answer all of those, your summary will be quite complete.

  Can you come up with any other ways to write a concise summary? 

   After you have written a summary, write an attention-grabbing headline. Your article already has one, but you need to write a new one. Try to out-do the original author of the article by coming up with an even more compelling headline!

  After each of your classmates has finished this assignment, we will host a news show in our classroom and hear all the news reports!

Important Vocabulary 
compelling - something that pops, that is interesting
concise - short and accurate
reporter - someone who shares news with people (through newspaper or on TV or radio)
article - chunk of writing telling you a news story
headline - attention grabbing phrase to describe an article
summary - recap of a story


  1. NEWS: Even Muggers can be nice!
    Julio Diaz, the 31 year old social worker,
    goes to eat at his favorite diner.
    As he steps of the No.6 train and on to a almost empty platform, his evening is about to change. He was at the stairs when a local teenage boy approaches him with a knife.
    "I think he wants my money," Diaz says. "So I gave him my wallet." The teen began to walk away. Diaz figured he was poor so he gave him his coat. The teen asked, "Why are you doing this?" Diaz replies, "I just think that you really need the money. So I just threw in this coat." The teen and Diaz went to dinner and they had a great evening after all.


  2. nice millie i like that story it is sad and toching.


  3. In 2011 JB was cote busking!!!

    this was a reel shocker.
    i herd this from madi when
    we did the news stuff.madi
    says that he was cote busking
    outside the Avon theator.why was
    JB busking anyway?he alrady has a-
    lot of money and i mean alot

    By Melodee :D