Sunday, 11 November 2012

More Photography with Kate

We had our third session with Kate Settle, our Artist in Residence this week. Students continue to learn how the cameras work and have now learned how to do macro and wide angle shots, use light and plan out their composition (and select the best settings on their cameras to make great photos). In this session, each student had to take six portraits of his or her partner. The portraits had to be taken in the same location, but each shot had to be different. We looked at some examples and then got down to work!

Thomas and Miguel try out all the different settings on the camera.

I tried taking some silhouettes.

It's great to watch the students planning out their photos.

Even though it wasn't a particularly sunny day, we still found some great places to take photos, and realized that we could take cool reflection photos.

I am SO looking forward to seeing the students' work! I will let you know as soon as Kate has put the photos online for you to see!

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