Thursday, 11 October 2012

Steve "Spike" Fransisco - by Finley

Say "Cheese" Steve!

Near the beginning of the year, we got a Betta Fish, we named him Steve "Spike" Fransisco. We have been talking about having a class pet, so Shauna went to Pet World after doing some research. She decided to get a Betta Fish. Sophia, who is one of our classmates, brought in a tank and my dad thought that it was too small so he asked Shauna if she wanted a 10-gallon tank. Shauna said, "Yes, that would be great!" My dad, today, is going out to Critter Jungle to get some plants and maybe a log or something.
We take it in turns to feed Steve. If you put a mirror in front of him, his fins will flare out. I had a Betta Fish and I named it a very odd name, well not really odd,'s not a very common name. I named it Betty. It was a boy! One day, I had a play-date with Molly, who is in our class and Sharky, who's in Natalie's class. We went upstairs because I wanted to show them my Betta Fish. But, when I went upstairs, I couldn't find my Betta Fish in it's tank. I went to tell my dad and he came to look. He couldn't find it either. And Molly was looking for it in it's tank and she found it dead at the bottom of the tank, rotting. It was really disgusting. I cried.

I've had lots of fish, most of them have died, but I still have a lot left. If you went to my yard, you would see lots of stones on the ground. Each one of them is for one of my fish that has died.

-photos and words by Finley


  1. It makes me SAD to here about all your dead fish!:(
    I'm glad we got a pet fish!!!


    1. It's too bad that fish don't live too long:(
      Thanks for your support:)


  2. wait whose fish died