Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Our First Field Trip: Teeny, Tiny Little Owls by Hunter

When we went to the Wild Bird Care Centre, we saw these cute, little owls that crashed into windows. One got released and one's got a beak infection, so he's got to stay. They were stuck in little crates. I don't know why. (Shauna's note: they were in incubators to keep them safe and warm until they get better.)

We saw this massive bald eagle, it was missing a leg. We also saw a chicken, a red one. And, Patti said it laid them an egg a day. They use that egg to feed other birds.

The owls ate chicken hearts and dead mice.

We also saw seagulls that ate Frech Fries. There was one seagull in an incubator because it fell into a vat of oil at East Side Mario's.

I think it's an amazing place and we are lucky that it exists.

-by Hunter


  1. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. so cute!! plus cool field trip

  3. omg i could staire at thouse cuties all day