Friday, 12 October 2012

Cardboard City - a Work in Progress!

We finally "broke ground" on our Cardboard City after a long "City Council" meeting on Wednesday. Each student or group of students had carefully planned and proposed an attraction for our target audience, the four Kindergarten classes in the school. The Room 209 students came up with incredibly creative and innovative ideas and supported one another with great suggestions and pieces of advice. After the meeting, the students were thrilled to get their hands on the cardboard. We dug in and below, you'll see the beginning stages of our Cardboard City.
Just a few days before school began, Matt helped me get the room set up. Once upon a time, it looked like this.

...and now. it is FULL of cardboard!
Thanks to all the wonderful donations from families and friends of Room 209, we accumulated an immense amount of cardboard for our Cardboard City.

Kaleigh hard at work, painting the backdrop for "Pond Domination".
Pat, surrounded in what Tiiu, our classroom neighbour would later describe as "the most epic classroom mess" she'd ever seen! Remarkably, we got it all cleaned up, only to do it all again a few days later!
Reilly's working on a ticket dispensing machine.
Millie is making a stable.
This is the team constructing Jomel Arcade.
Camden and Jack are making an art game.
Wait until you see how amazing this Safari ride is looking now!
Haydon was just getting his creative juices flowing here. Things got really good next time he got working!
Believe it or not, these are the beginnings of a spaceship.
It's a little difficult to get at the cardboard, there's so much of it!
After Shauna's box cutter blade broke, the kids were on their own with scissors. It was much slower going that Shauna (or our Guest Teacher, Eric) whipping through the thick cardboard with the blade. Shauna's mission this weekend - get a new box cutter!
This creative process takes a lot of concentration!
...and teamwork!, some flexibility!


  1. I really liked our card board city!! I thin the last one might be good in the year book maybe??!!