Monday, 22 October 2012

A "Blind Listen" to The Royal Condition

Before I revealed who they were, I had the students of Room 209 listen to a couple of tracks by The Royal Condition. They reacted very genuinely to the music and made some interesting observations about the music after listening.

After they listened to the music, I asked the students, "What did you notice? What did you wonder? What did you feel? What did you think?"

Here are some of their comments, questions and observations:
Is it a mandolin? - Fin
It's weird. - Reilly
The two songs sounded the same. They had the same rhythm and beat. - Fiona
I think they're old songs, because new songs have a rhythm (which means beatboxing). - Ethan
I wanted to sing along, or play an instrument. - Fin
I think it's Pink Floyd. - Kaleigh
It reminds me of Terry Fox and baby twins because of the line "came out and not the same". - Pat
It was sort of catchy, I didn't even realize I was tapping my foot to the music. - Molly
It sounded ancient and like a banjo. - Hunter
It sounded like country music. - Ethan
It was soothing. - Liam
It was relaxing, I think it was the same artist and the lyrics were probably written in 2007. - Pat
It made me think about ukelele class and think about Shauna going to Indonesia because the words sounded Indonesian. - James
I want to look it up. - Hunter
Two people fell asleep. - Sophia
For some reason, I thought it was Matt. - Molly

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