Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Mathtastic 521 - Day 1 by Kaleigh

That's Millie and Laurie (Shauna's mom) - they're working on Krypto, a Math Game. Millie LOVES it!
We did this thing called "Mathtastic 521" with Andrew and Owen's and Shauna's class. It's basically like Math, except like with games and problem solving and other stuff like that.

We were split into groups of three or four and some people got to have some help with the parent volunteers. Thanks to them, we were allowed to do a lot of stuff!

There was Geometry, Games, Problem Solving, Number Sense and Numeration, Probability, Measurement, and Patterning. Everyone will get to work on every centre. You work on each centre for two days. We have done two days this week.

I did Problem Solving. We finished one problem in one day and then the second in the second day.

Shauna, Andrew and Owen (and Andrew and Owen's student teacher, Carolyn) arranged it. And the parent volunteers helped.

I don't usually like Math, but I liked it because of Mathtastic. It's fun and it's not as hard and you work with other people. It's good to work with other people because they can help you and you can help them.

I am really excited about Geometry and Games and Measurement.

I know I am good at addition and subtraction in Math. I'm also good at a little bit of multiplication. I want to practice Geometry.
Laryssa and James problem solving, just like me!

This is Jack, and Millie's hand!

Sophia and Gabby working on Games - this is Tangrams.

Fiona and Julianna - the twins - working together. They are doing Geometry.

Finley and her dad, Al working on Geometry.

Me! Kaleigh!
-by Kaleigh