Monday, 22 October 2012

Shauna's Learning - Poetry Slam

 As my current students know, I taught at Fielding Drive Public School for many years. The last class that I taught there before I came to Churchill was an incredible grade 8 class that got very involved in the Slam Poetry scene in Ottawa. Some of those students have remained very active writers and performers. I was lucky enough to go see a former student, Haneen, who goes by the name "Freedom Writer", Slam last week. She has developed her style in amazing ways and I was so proud to see her!
I took a short video of another Slam Poet, "Cease Fire". I didn't catch the beginning of his poem, but it was remarkably related to many things that we have been discussing in class. See if you can hear any lines that have to do with something we have spoken about in Room 209.
Haneen's sister, Salma, is in Megan Wark's grade 5 class at Fielding! She is one of our "Fielding Friends" this year. She is buddied up with Molly and Vickie and I sat with her and the rest of Haneen's family at the Slam!

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