Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Flair by Fiona

In Room 209, we do this thing called "Flair". What Flair is, is each student in the classroom brings in 3-5 items that represent him or her in their own way.

For each student, we do one observation and one infrerence for each item. For the observation, you say something that describes what the object is that you can see with your eyes. For the inference, you say what the story behind the object is or what you think it represents for that person.

After that, you ask for three sentences to describe the person, basing it on the observations and inferences. Shauna says they have to be "juicy sentences", that means they can't just be, "He likes....and he plays with his...", they have to be more like, "He is an energetic person who enjoys athletic activities but still likes to cut loose and have fun.".

Next, the presenter tells the stories of why they brought in each item and what it means to them.

After that, they ask for questions and comments.

Then they either have a choice of having a mini-wave, a round of applause or a spin of applause. Most people choose to have a mini-wave.

Flair helps people learn about their classmates and what they like, that's why we do Flair.
-by Fiona

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