Thursday, 18 October 2012

Reminders About Our Field Trip

Field trip forms have come home!

We are going on a full day field trip next Wednesday, October 24th, 2012. We are going to the Wild Bird Care Centre.

Please bring in your completed form and money ($12) by Monday, October 22nd.

We need 2 more amazing parent volunteers to join us. (Molly's dad Barrie and Finley's mom Liz are already coming along!) - Pat

We should wear camouflage to disguise ourselves for our games and not to scare Chickadees. - Liam

You don't have to wear military camouflage, you can wear dark green, black or brown. - Miguel

Another reason to wear camouflage is the deer will maybe come and eat out of our hands. - Finley

Also, we should wear warm clothes or clothes depending on the weather. - Finley

You could bring a raincoat in case it rains a little bit. - Camden

Be prepared for any type of weather. - Fiona

We are going to want to feed the friendly chickadees, chipmunks and deer (if we're lucky enough to see them). Please send in sunflower seeds, "goat" corn (dried corn) and birdseed by Tuesday. Each child may bring one carrot or apple to feed a deer (or eat if we don't see any deer). ****Totally optional ****

Each child must bring his or her own lunch and snack. There must be NO GARBAGE! NONE AT ALL! NOT ONE SPECK.

Everyone needs to bring something to use as a blindfold and a small ziplock bag on Wednesday.

Below, is a WISH LIST from the Wild Bird Care Centre. If you want to bring any donations for them, please take a look at their requests below, and you can bring them along on the day of our trip. ***Totallly optional ****



jars of baby food –                 kitten flea powder
 banana, apple, pears,              sterile saline solution
 carrots, peas, beans,              betadine
 squash (no sugar added)            vet wrap (1”, 2” and 3”)
jars of baby food –                 medical tape (3M Micropore brand)
 beef or chicken, with broth        surgical/latex gloves
red seedless grapes                 (small & medium)
romaine lettuce                     polysporin (eye/ear drops)
frozen corn, peas, french fries    
Science Diet Puppy kibble    
Silk Fortified Soy Beverage         CLEANING SUPPLIES
wheat germ                          kleenex
oatmeal (quick cooking)             paper towels
large eggs                          toilet paper
olive oil                           bleach
avian specific vitamins             liquid laundry detergent
freeze-dried or canned insects       (non-scented)
 (e.g. crickets or meal worms)      fabric softener sheets
frozen feeder mice*                 (non-scented)
live meal worms*                    scouring pads
live worms*                         rubber gloves
live minnows*
frozen fish (small, whole)


postage stamps                      coloured hockey tape
highlighters                        (fabric – no design)
pens                                duct tape
post-it notes                       (various widths)

* For these items, please contact the Centre for more


  1. Ha Shauna I saw you writing this!!!

    You are AWESOME!!!
    Personally, I would never want to go to the Symphony.
    I love the Wild Bird Care Centre- I have been there many, many, times!
    I am very exited to go. As long as its not pouring I will go no matter what!
    (Unless there is a tornado or hurricane or something like that.)
    I will try to donate a couple jars of baby food, Kleenex, and high-lighters!

  2. Hi millie you here?I'm using my own tablet
    It's Hunter

  3. The wild Bird Care centre was so much fun the birds came and laned on are hand

    1. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove owls....................................