Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Photography with Kate Settle

On Monday morning, we had our first session with Kate Settle, our Artist in Residence. Kate is a professional photographer who will be working with Churchill students this year, teaching us how to take digital photographs. We will be working with her for a total of 10 hours and completing various photography assignments and finally, a photography project.

We learned about the cameras we'll be using and about the terms above. Our first assignment was to take a portrait of a partner. Our next assignment was to go outside and take at least one macro shot and at least one wide angle shot. Kate has thirteen Canon cameras for students to use. As they were completing their assignments, I was inspired too! I got some great shots of students working and I got some neat shots of my own, based on the assignment expectations!

I tried out the macro setting on my camera to get this shot of Lauren and a leaf that she thought was really cool. I love how Lauren is blurry in the background.

Pat set up a some sand for his macro shots.

Madi and Kaleigh had some upside-down ideas!

Pat and Hunter made use of the beautiful, blue sky!

Haydon and James took pictures of each other.

I took a picture of Haydon and I!

Haydon took a picture of me.

Students were hard at work, trying out the macro settings on the cameras. Here's Melodee getting a close-up shot of a leaf.

Haydon also focused on a stray leaf!

I got a wide-angle shot of Hunter posing again for Pat!

Wandering around with a camera, you start to look at the world a little differently. The light was beautiful during this photo shoot and I really like this shot I got from under the basketball hoop.

Do you know what this is?

I love what the macro setting does - getting a nice, sharp focus to the foreground and putting the background in blur.

Did you realize this pole was so textured?

Thank you so much to Kate for our first session! The students of Room 209 (and their teacher) learned a lot and look forward to the next time you are with us!


  1. These are all fantastic! I hope that there is a coffee table book in the works!!! I would certainly buy it!

    Jen (Hunter's mum)

  2. Kate was really fun


  3. I love the effect of macro!! I think it is SO cool!!!!
    Kate is REALLY awesome!! I look forward to working with her again!
    I think that it is somewhat dumb that iPods touches, MUCH newer than cameras,
    you know on the camera that it has on it, well, IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY MACRO!!!!!
    That is one thing that sucks about a iPod.

  4. why aren't there any of the photo's Vickie and I took ?