Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Meet Chomp! by Ethan

Chomp's super cool.
I was very surprised when I walked into the room and I was shocked seeing a tank, just wondering why it was there. And then I saw a lizard, and I was like, "Who brang in a lizard? Did Shauna get another class pet?" (note from Shauna: we are practising getting rid of the word "brang" in our class!)

Reilly's mom said, "This is Reilly's pet lizard" and I was very excited. And then, while the Rockers were gone, we got to pass around the lizard.

I wonder how long is the lizard going to be here. And everybody is begging Reilly for her to stay here for the whole year. And he said, "Sure". And so everybody was like, "Yay! Woo hoo!"

And so, the lizard's still here today. I also wonder who's going to feed her today. She eats three alive crickets every three days. Shauna will pull out our name sticks and whoever gets the stick out will get to feed Chomp or Steve.

I wanna be the first person that gets to feed Chomp.
Do a jump!

Chomp and Steve can see each other and can have a staring competition!
-by Ethan

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