Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Twitter Workshop With Gillian's Class

On Monday, we led two more Chromebook Workshops for little buddies! We paired up with Gillian's class to teach them how to use Twitter. They started a Twitter account that you can visit: @the3gggs 

Gillian's Great Graders (the 3 Gs!) are hooked on Twitter now! They Tweeted away while they were on a field trip to the Museum of Science and Tech.

In our workshop, Gillian's students each wrote a tweet introducing themselves. We checked who had media permission and made sure that those who did not have media permission used only their first initial and did not post any photos of themselves. Findley's introduction was very cute! Each of Gillian's students then wrote a second tweet, describing something they are learning. Tom talked about liquids and solids. Finally, each little buddy included a picture in their tweet. Jayme showed some awesome math she is learning!

It's great to tweet when you have a class account and one of the ways for followers to enjoy seeing what is going on in a classroom is for each student to sign his or her name after a tweet.

I know that I am really enjoying seeing Gillian's class, from the inside! Even though we're only across the hall, it's a way for us to feel like flies on the wall in her room and see what's going on during the day!

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