Monday, 26 May 2014

What Stuck With Us Today - May 26th - Ryan's Well and 2 Chromebook Workshops!

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
1. The presentation from the person from Ryan's Well. I learnt some new cool stuff about them.
2. The Chromebook workshops. It's good to practice them 'cause we'll be doing them in the future.
3. Track and field. I'm actually kinda good at passing the baton, I just have to get the timing a bit better.
just try even if you cant -Ryan wells

kinders are awesome-G class

What stuck me today was Ignite. I was fun to start working on it and I have lots of great ideas for my presentation. Gabby
Today what stuck with me was making pass around poems with Erin's class, it was really fun! Ours was about a magical bunny named Funny.Clara
Today, starting the Ignite stuck because last year, it was really fun and I am so excited to do it again this year!
Also teaching Erin's class stuck because it was fun for both you and your buddie, although II did not do Gillians class, it was still very cool!
the ryans well presentationbananalarry
Today what stuck with me is 3 things :
1. i really liked doing the chromebook workshop with our reading buddies
(we all did a tweet on twitter about something educational that our little
buddies learned in school)
2. we did 2 chromebook workshops one in teh morning with erins class
(but i only go to do one workshop)
3. and, the ryans well presentation in the gym
I liked showing my buddy what twitter is and showing her how to tweet. I also learned about a liger for my presentation.My puppy finally knows how to sit!Millie
What stuck with me was Ryans well its was really interesting to see the story of all how it happened
What also stuck with me was the poems with erin's class it was really cute.
EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME!!!!!nope not today Yaro!
that i wasn't as good at tweeting as i thought i was
i worked with new people
and that ryan had a movie made about him and that girls had to carry two really big jugs of water and a baby on there back
Kaleigh awesome
starting to work on IgniteNOPEJack
A well costs $2000 big boys.Natapus
I thought that the Ryans Well presentation was very interesting
I also am excited for my Ignite presentation
I Thought that we didn't do much today
What stuck with me was todays workshop was Gillians class. It was soo cute!!!Camden
Whats stuck with me today is our work shops. I was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the on with Erins class because the poems were fun! I also really like the Ryans well presentation because the video was awesome!Nope :)Hannah
I really like it when we worked with gillians class
I also liked the assembly
and Mc pufferson
Aaron McLeod


3.todays workshop
I am glad that I got to work with two buddies in the toolboxes. Yay we got an new gonoodle caricature. I am glad that we had a lot of Physical activity today.Johnny
im grumpy now
the chromebook work shopM!GU3L
What stuck with me today was helping are buddies from gillians set up twitter and learn about twitter Thomas!

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