Friday, 9 May 2014

An Adorable May Sharing

May Sharing

The Big Dance (Gillian and Natalie’s classes, Dance Mania)
-it had many different dances from around the world -Clara
-I caught on that it was different dances from around the world because the music was changing. They all were in sync and knew what they were doing. -Skye
-It was really fun to do the dancing-Laryssa

The Fire Dance (Alena’s class)
-I really liked it, I like how Alena’s class came up with it -Gabby
-It was, they had glow sticks and fake fires and it was in the darkness -Ali
-I liked the Fire Dance because they all knew what htey were doing, I’m pretty sure they practiced for a long time. I thought they were going to use fire -Jackson
-Everybody wore black, they just wanted to see the glow sticks and fire-Luis

Walrus’ Gift
-I liked how they read the book out loud and it was kids instead of teachers. Next time, they should all speak up -Molly
-I really liked it how they had different people instead of just one person -OC
-I liked that was a really calm story -Tom
-you shouldn’t exclude people -Lailah

Worms (Kindergarteners)
-it was cute how they kindergarteners were doing it-Lailah
-iot was really funny because worms like to listen to rap music and then when they showed us how big worms are -Ellis
-I found it really funny and I think it was really interesting because I learned stuff. I learned that along with horses and other animals, worm poo is used as fertilizer -Pat

WITS Videos (Room 209 and Roy’s class)
-I thought about the WITS videos it was funny. The part when Brody did the motion with his hands -Lochlan
-I liked the same thing as Lochlan-James
-I liked the one where they were in the library-Tom
-They tell you not to bully - Sam
-Don’t just say mean things or push - Lilah
-You should ignore it if someone is bothering you - Alex
-Walk Away - Sam
-Talk it Out - Clara
-Seek Help, Get Help - Tom

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