Friday, 9 May 2014

What Stuck With Us Today? We Loved Training 207!

what stuck with me today was working with tiiu's class because i realized that things don't always work out. Madi
What stuck with me was the training tuiis class because its awesome to let them have the same experience that we had.Thomas!
The morning routine stuck with me today because I forget what else we did.Jack
today what stuck with me is chromebook training.
our class is teaching tiiu's class how to use chromebooks!
Today what stuck with me today was Chromebook Training. I liked to train fellow students and I think it'll be just as fun with Chromebook training for other classes and younger students.Clara
chromebook training bender {ellis}
leadership club was fun and cant what to get started molly
Today teaching Tiiu's class about the chromebooks stuck, it was hard sometimes to connect or whatever but it was still a learning experience for both classes.nope.Vickie
Whats stuck with me is, when we did the chromebook training for room 207. It was cool and I'm actually happy that they get to use it and also I could tell that my buddy, Grace was happy about it.Have a good rest of the day!Hannah
The thing that stuck with me today was the Chromebook training. I really liked training Tiiu's class. I like the idea of sharing our Chromebooks with Tiiu's class. The other thing that stuck with me today was the math. I really enjoyed doing the math and my buddy was really into it (she usually gets bored.)Fiona
that a most every time we try to do something special it doesn't work at this timeKaleigh awesome
chromebook training with tiiu's classAaron McLeod
some people can learn really fastnophilip
The worm presentation at the wits sharing. I learnt tons of new things about worms.Nope.Pat
math buddiesYOLOJ4CK$0N(Jackson)
I had a good time with Chromebook training.Johnny
What stuck with me was helping Tiiu's class because maybe we can collaborate on docs with them at some point!Camden
It was fun working with zane doing the chromebook training.Yaro!
honestly the chromebook troubles M!guel
Tiiu's class got new fish for their aqua thigy majigHUNTER!!!
The chromebook training and the leadership club shark-finning project!Millie

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