Tuesday, 6 May 2014

What Stuck With You Today? - May 5th and 6th

Today what stuck with me today was frisbee golf. I never knew how hard it was to throw a frisbee at a still object, I thought it would be hard only for a moving object.Clara
that there a cool website on line whatKaleigh awesome
What stuck with me today was the gardening and it was cool to plant real seeds.Thomas!
What stuck with me today was "music" with Owen. Instead of playing the Ukuleles, we went outside and played frisbee golf. I was really fun! Gabby
The sketchnote stuck with me and choosing songs. I also enjoyed picking my science topic! The frisbee stations were fun tooMillie
I think that we should not go outside so much because i got to hot. I like cute cats.Alex
The thing that stuck with me today was the health project. I am really excited to start and get it going. I am also excited to get the biographies back from the printer!Fiona
The discovery website stuck with me today.NOPE.Jack
Today starting my board stuck, I like my topic and I am excited to learn more about it.nope.Vickie
gardening was fun and i had a good time i hope we do it again.bender {ellis}
That we might get to skate at recess!Nope.Pat
Whats stuck with me is my science topic thing! I'm going to study about what types of candy is easier to digest and find the bad chemicals and good chemicals!Hannah
Today what stuck with me is the science show!
i'm trying to think of what to do for my topic!
I brought in my sketchy notey thingie so I could enter a song. I also had lotsa fun with owen and we should do it (frisbee Golf)Yaro!
Im a good worm finder and i'm a frisbee golf bossHunter
What stuck with me was working on my sketchnote because I learned - at thought it was hilarious to find out - that someone wanted to ban a book for inducing violence and is "disturbing", where it actually was saying to not do something violent.Camden
I am glad that since we did seketchnoting we got to chose a song.Johnny
normalno reasonYaro!
music. we went outside and played frisbee golfJackson!
I really like when we did frisbee golf and alsoI really like when we did the garden stuff.A.M
normalno reasonYaro!
Today sketchnotes stuck with me. I liked how the format of it was. Clara
Today doing the sketchnoting stuck, I found it really fun and it is something I want to practice more.nope.Vickie
what stuck with me was the secret planing Madi
play doh is better than lead (or graphite) and I love sketch notingzawsxgfvbhnjmHUNTER!!!
What stuck with me today was genius hour. It was fun to work on the task that my group was working on. I also liked doing the Hacked school form. Gabby
geus hawer rocks it was so cool learning about the degusnoskye
genius hour project was super funmolly
I loved doing sketchnoting because I thought it was a fun way to take notes. a late May the 4th be with you Nils
Sketchnoting is what stuck with me! I think its really cool, and the fact that we did about Kid President was better.Millie
What stuck with me today was alot and a lot i learned what they both mean alot means the monster thing and A lot means like a lot of nutella Thomas!
The thing that stuck with me today was the Genius Hour project secret plan, I am really exciting to get it going. The other thing that stuck with me today was the hacked classroom, I am so excited to get going on that. Fiona
Genius hour stuck with me today because I took apart a keyboard and next genius hour I am going to make something different with the pieces from the keyboard.NOPE > nope
nope < NOPE
the helmephone [speakers built in to the side's of your helmemellis
The spheroMIguel
lotsa peeps liked my song!!!!!!!Yaro!
Whats stuck with me is Genius Hour, I learnt so much about hamsters! Mel, Kaleigh and I are going to get a dwarf hamster each, there going to be sisters. We already went to Critter Jungle and found the perfect ones! There only 4 weeks!Hannah
What stuck with me was genius hour, because I finished even more of my work, marked it off, and I'm nearly finished!Camden
mackey mackey and poetry clubAaron McLeod
sitting away from friends no, but I LOVE CHROMEBOOKS mel
I think that genuis hour was fun Cats are awesomeAlex
That I don't have to do as much work as I thought I had to in my MWH book.Nope.Pat
that bunnys cost a lot of moneyKaleigh awesome
Geinus hour was fun today, I am glad a lot of people from our school did the CN cycleJohnny
today what stuck with me is the degu experiments!nopeErika
I forgot a lot of punctuation in my biography.
And proper nouns.

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