Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Chromebook Workshop: Collaborative Poems with Erin's Class

We led a Chromebook Workshop for Erin's grade 1/2s. This is a class of poets who just had an Evening Coffee House for their families. We helped them to work on poems using the Chromebooks, sharing them every five minutes.

For details on the process, see this post.

Enjoy our collaborative poems:
Butterflies, started by Hannah and Kaia
The Ceiling, started by Charlie and Jack
Tiger, started by Alia and Yaro
Radioactive Underwear, started by Pat and Felix
Dogs, started by Dia and Gabby
The Trampoline, started by Nils and Stuart
Playing, started by Fiona and Sarah
Peacocks, started by Addie and Madi
Trees, started by Olivia and Vickie
Monkeys, started by Nat and Dilan
Cats, started by Kaleigh and Mia
Soccer, started by Alex and Emmett

Star Wars, started by Jackson and Keenan
The Magical Bunny, started by Clara and Sonia

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