Friday, 2 May 2014

What Stuck with Us May 1st-2nd, 2014

The gym game. Night and day I think it was.Natapus
I learned about the other things that we have to do for the biography. I also learned how much moeny we raised for Team Robillard!Millie
I think that we should all get to do genius hour. I also think that we should do the What stuck with you taday alot earlierNoAlex
there is so much wOrK and i can draw i thinknophilip
WHat stuck with me today was language because i finished my biography and i so proud of my self might need to add more picsThomas!
what stuck with me today was gym Jackson!
What stuck with me was all the work time, because I finished a lot more work and now have less to do on the mustard tracker.Camden
Today math buddies stuck, 'I think me and my 2 buddies had fun making shapes!Not todayVickie
what stuck with me today was that i really need to work on not getting distracted pineapple
the d and d club it was really fun and exciting molly
That I got a bunch of my biography done.Nope.Pat
Today math buddies stuck with me.I liked making the shapes with the tangrams with my buddies. I learned the name of the leaning tower shape,parallelogram.Clara
What stuck with me today was working on my biography and gym. The gym game was really fun and I enjoyed playing it. I cant wait to play it again. Gabby
hector delivering cinnamon rollsbender {ellis}
The thing that stuck with me today is the biographies, I am really excited to send them off and get them back. I am also enjoyed strings club, we worked on One Love. It was really fun. I enjoyed the day today.Fiona
Whats stuck with me today is the Mustard tracker because I got a lot of work done and I'm basically finished my bio, I just need to add a few photos.Have a good 'rest' of the day!!!Hannah
The math buddeisMiguelito
shauna and biographies and also be a ADD EGG NOT A BAD EGGAaron McLeod
that if i actually focus then i get a lot of work Kaleigh awesome
the d.n.d group was so fun and all of us revealed are true GEEK!noskye
today what stuck with me
is genius hour i'm not sure if i can do it or not?
i hope i will be a pickle soon!
Genius hour sounds good to my ears, happy weekend. Johnny
Bio workNOPE.Jack
any one can change if they try and you can get work done REALLY FAST you just have to trynopephilip
My biography.Natapus
I do not think that there should be clubs because it is very boring on the recess.NoAlex
Today what stuck with me was learning how to make a copyright page in a biography.I also found it interesting to clip the degu's nails.Clara
The thing that stuck with me today is the biography work. I am really excited to get them done and get the copy back!! The other thing that stuck with me today is the sphero, I really liked it and I think it is so cool, the steering is a little hard, but I love it!!!Fiona
shreo and mackey mackeyAaron McLeod
What stuck with me today was working on math with help. I got a lot of work done and I am going to be done it soon (aka by tomorrow). I am also very excited to get my biography made into a book! Gabby
What stuck with me was french, because I like the new booklet. I really is helping me remember all the verbs.Camden
mustard work stuck with me because i worked on things and also sending my great canadian mail race letter stuck with me because i am excited to get i back even though that will be in like 3 weekslarry
today what stuck with me is the
degu's (nail clipping) i cliped their
nails and, right now (as i am writing this)
he is in my sweater (sleeping)
in what stuck w/ you today you shouldn't use more than 2 things of punctuation like this !!!!!!!
and you shouldn't do this either super super super super because it messes up the the blog format
MMM, peepsHUNTER!!!
That i got a lot of work done today on the ketchup list i have 1 more thing leftKaleigh awesome
the macky macky it was so fun setting it up a seeing it work! noskye
Doing Ketchup, Mustard and pickle stuck with me today because I got a lot of my work done and I have Now finished all the mustard work from mustard tracker one through four.NOPE.Jack
What stuck with me today was mustard work because i got a lot of work done on the tracker and i'm a pickle now. What also stuck with me today was language because i finished my biographyThomas!
How much work I got done on my MWH book.Nope.Pat
Andrea and WITS videos, what a day.Biatholon, Nordic Combined, Moguls, ski cross, SlopestyleJohnny
What stuck with me today is being a grandpa in class and also becoming a pickle it felt really good to be done all my work Migu3l
I liked writing my dedication and my copyright for my biography. And I like how we are not so rushed at the end of the day anymore.Millie
getting to read my bio to Anderea was really good for me, I realized I forgot something, and now I am adding it in now! Also finishing my wits video stuck, I am happy I have it done now!nope.Vickie
cleaning out my book apartment was kind of fun, FUN ON A BUN!!!!bender {ellis}
Whats stuck with me is Pickle, I learnt so many things like how to take a screenshot and a ton more, now all I need to do is make a poster with some of them!Hannah
what stuck was me was the drawing thingEllis
that you tricked us again and that you can go in a thingy that you went in Kaleigh awesome

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