Thursday, 22 May 2014

What Stuck With the Grade 5s - when the grade 6s were away at MacSkimming

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
What's stuck with me today the quadrilateral slideshow, I didn't get enough time to finish it because Gillian needed help but I'm going to finish it at home. Hannah
What stuck with me was that platypuses get bigger by the farther you go down south of Australia.Natapus
not going to mac skimming is funstay back you'll get free stuffHUNTER!!!
I had fun being in gillians classYaro
Being in another classroom helped reflect on the class and look in what they are doing.Johnny
What stuck with me today was working on my Un-Disney story! I think it will be really good!Gabby
nothingbender {ellis}
what stuck with me was helping andrew with music because it was really funMadi
That we got to go in another class room.Johnny
it was fun working in Gillians class doing work without anyone telling you what to do and having the plan therenot todayYaro
Today, writing the stories stuck, I LOVE writing an getting to re-write a disney story was really fun and I got to make it my own!Nope.Vickie
What's stuck with me today is staying in Gillians class the whole day, I found it really fun and I'm excited for tomorrow (even tho I miss you).HAVE FUN!!!AND I HOPE THAT YOU LIKE THE CLASS YOUR STAYING IN AND YEAH!!!!!Hannah
Maxgaming NoOceanna
being in a 1/2 classJ4CK$0N(Jackson)

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