Monday, 3 March 2014

Your Science Missions!

Here are your Science missions for today:

1. Start a folder on the Google Drive for this Science unit.
2. Make a slideshow of the Big Ideas for your unit (listed at the bottom of this post and in our Daybook)
3. Fill in the K and W parts of a KWL on your Google Form (you might want to refer to your Big Ideas to help you with this). Before submitting your responses, check off the "share responses via email" box). After submitting your responses, have a look at how your classmates responded. Links to forms: grade 5s, grade 6s
4. Continue our brainstorm of 101 Ways to Conserve Energy. Make sure you don't repeat others' ideas!

Conservation of Energy - grade 5s
  1. There are different forms of energy and we use them in everyday life.
  2. Some sources of our energy are renewable and some are non-renewable.
  3. Energy transforms from one form into another, but cannot be created or destroyed.

Electricity - grade 6s

  1. Electricity is generated in Canada in several different ways. Each of these methods have different effects on our natural resources and other living things.
  2. There are two different kinds of electrical circuits that are composed of the same components. Each are used for different purposes.
  3. There are two different kinds of electricity: static and current.
  4. Energy comes in different forms and they can transform from one to another. Electricity is a form of energy.

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