Friday, 28 March 2014

What Stuck With Us Today? - March 28th, 2014

I loved destroying the phone in genius hour! other than that I learned what I had to do to be an ambassador for the open house.noooMillie
what stuck with me was that I'm not getting my art hung up but I'm fine with that cause i was getting other work done so i'm fine with it.Kaleigh!!!!
today what stuck with me is genius hour
because i got to dissect a computer
Today math with buddies stuck with me.
I liked how we looked at fractions as a part part whole,even though I didn't do much of it,it would be really fun to do all of it.
Leaning a salsa spin. IM MAGIC STILL!!!!! I had a vision, and my vision was me typing and loving the chromebook... And my vision was right!MeL
That I'm finally done my Mustard work! It's really relieving.Nope.Pat
What stuck with me was the skating because I got a lot of exercise (especially because we couldn't leave the ice) and I got to talk to my buddy and I liked it.Camden goals stuck with me because i thenk that it will really help me reach my goalswe should add to our end of the day routine

happy weekend

What stuck with me today was again Dance. It was really fun and I cant wait for the next time. Also something that stuck with me was skating. I really liked going skating with our buddies! Gabby
-I learned that 1/5 is = to 2/10
Aaron McLeod
Today stuck with me today because I think it is cool how you can put in goals and check them off im going to put alot of goals there eventuantly.Nils
What stuck with me today was genius hour because it was very interesting to see the inside of different machines. What also stuck with me was gym because i learn how to salsa dance and how to spin in salsa dancing it was really awesome.Thomas!
genius hour stuck with me today, because I did an IMovie trailer with Johnny.NOPE.JAck
skating with my body was sooo cute and it was fun helping hernoskye stuck with me.Nat
Today genius hour is stuck with me because I learnt that MERMAIDS ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There basically just an ugly fish thats SUPER boney and screeches.Have a GREAT 'rest' of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hannah
opening the microwave oven was soooooooooooooooooooooooo fun Miguel
I am glad that today was good, I love, I can't wait to do those extra-curricular activities at home.Johnny W. Kurelek III
What stuck with me was the meeting for the ambassadors for the open house Madi

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