Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What Stuck With Us - March 25th, 2014

What stuck with me was BANSHO. I learned and taught myself that there are many ways to prove a bigger number, because there are ∞ possibilities to find but I found it interesting that if you use improper fractions that it could work, but still, there is more ways than you think.Camden
My Maggtitte art. It's helping me define my art style.Nope.Pat
Yesterday bansho stuck with me.I liked how there was a infinite amount of answers but one that was hiding straight in front of you was improper fractions.

Also the newspaper bridge stuck with me since our 1st bridge didn't work but we had a "if all else fails " plan and we had to use that.We crumpled the news paper into balls and stuck them in a pyramid esque shape.And it actually worked.
i really like the bridge activate whet cathron because it was fun and egocasonal at the same time!noskye
That stuck with me today was the table making we did with our guest teacher, I loved how it sounded so impossible, to make a table out of newspaper and make it support a big book, but it was actually not impossible, many groups held at least one big book!
Also working on my Magritte art stuck with me, I am almost finished and I finally had success drawing the dauntless symbol!
Not today.Vickie
I had lots of fun with katherine building the stable tables. I also learned that a simple structure nay be the best structure.Yaro!
The thing that stuck with me yesterday is the mustard tracker. I am really enjoying the mustard tracker because I am finding I am more on task and I am able to work at my own speed and I know when things are due so I can do them an get them handed in on time. The other thing that stuck with me today is building the structures with Catherine. I found it really fun and I really liked doing hands on experiments. We got 8 pieces of newspaper, 2 meters of masking tape and a piece of bristle board. We had to make ours 20 cm tall. Our group was having trouble doing it so Catherine told us to just make one that could hold books. So ours held many books. We used a pyramid of rolled newspaper. Fiona
GYM! because we did fitness rotations and it was fun.NOPE.Jack
what stuck with me yesterday was making cards for Molly Madi
Making the bridges with Catherine (I think I spelled it wrong) and i worked with the two other Monkeys and Ellis but we worked well together and Ellis could of worked better but after he dident talk in his baby vioces and hes was I guess you can say normal and then he was really goodI know i've shouldn't of worked with them but we did well Miguel
I learned more about bansho. I can't really remember anything else that stuck with me yesterday since I don't have a very good memory..not today.Millie
What stuck with me yesterday was Bansho because in the fraction question You can make your fraction easier to understand and read by having the equivalent Thomas!
What stuck with me yesterday was getting my Stop Motion script done. I cant wait to get the video done! I can't think of any other things that stuck with me right now. Gabby
what stuck with me was the paper table challenge it was so much fun i would love to do something like that again Kaleigh
i need to catch up on things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nopelarry
what stuck with me yesterday was the very first start of the day... BREATHING.Jackson
Was the science project because what type of structures work and what didn't work to hold a dictionary Thomas!

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