Friday, 21 March 2014

What Stuck With Us Today? Friday, March 21st, 2014

Today Genius Hour stuck with me.
I loved our groups topic of making Brain Bubble for brain breaks(inspired by Gonoodle).
I liked learning how to make a free website and I'm excited to see how it goes!
mustard Tracker also stuck with me since it's nice to have all your progress and due dates on one page,it helped me a lot.
for genius hour shauna made me write a book.Ellis
I learned what people were going to be at Me to We Day. I also learn that people obsess over video games such as Candy Crush. Also what stuck with me was that I got to create my own news show with my friends. I also really liked the dauntless training.HAVE FUN SEEING DIVERGENT!!!(if you are)

Factions before blood
I loved loved loved getting to do the genius hour again, I was researching fractals and starting to make a slideshow about them. I also loved starting the mustard doc. to, I think that it is going to help us ALOT with organization and it may help with losing genius hournoVictoria
Today genius hour is stuck with me, I learned that a man shot his neighbors dog because he lost a game of candy crush saga on his computer!Hannah
What stuck with me today was genus hour! I think that it went really well. I cant wait for next genus hour next week!!! Also I really liked gym! I liked how the gym game connected to Dauntless day! I hope we can do more things like that!!!!Gabby
What stuck with me today? The thing that stuck with me most today is Genius Hour. My group is in the process of creating a website inspired by GoNoodle. I am really excited to continue this project. And I think if we get permission to create it, our website is going to be awesome. I think our groups is a really good group, too.Fiona
Genius Hour! I can't wait to take off with this project at home.Nope.Pat
our vidio with michels class and genius hour and our new web site ( brain-bubble )not really but i am so going to brag (in a nice way ) to my older brother that i'm going to me to we day and he is not (he has wanted to go for ever since he found out what it islaryssa
that some people in the class get mad if you say the tiniest thing about divergent GETTING GUINEA PIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSphilip
What stuck with me was genius hour because i got to design my own hockey team.
What also stuck with me was mustard work tracker because it a easy way to organize the stuff you need to finish.
Today I learned how to add a flashing background and images to my website with codecademy. Now I can prove it to my dad!Camden
What stuck with me was the platypus video me and Aaron made.Nat
Genius hour; Me and Johnny worked on a preview for a chromebook film.NOPE.*

*I always say NOPE. (Please do not copy this genius idea)
what stuck with me today was the divergent training from in gym.Jackson
I am glad we had genius hour back, I had fun w/ jack. I got a lot of work done, so I am happy.I had fun.Johnny W. Kurelek III
I learned that platypuses have very sharp heels
and we played floor hockey in lunch time sports
Aaron McLeod
What stuck with me was the me to we because it made me realize that just a 11 year old can change the world.Madi
today at genius hour me, yaro, and hunter dissected an ipod
(we broke the screen) so i learned how to break the screen
of the ipod!
I thought is was really fun to bring back genius hour and see what other people did Miguel
I learned that da moovie iz KUMIN!!!!DA MOOVE IZ KUMMIN!!!!!!!

actually i learned collaborative work is somewhat harder than un collaborative work
#Divergent is AWESOME!!!HUNTER!!!
we finally had genius hour!!!!!!!Yaro!

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