Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What Stuck with Us Today - March 5th, 2014

What stuck with me was bioghraphey because it tote me how to ask questions with out getting off topic
magritte art and my positive attitude magritte art is so much fun and i love how we got to choose what our project is also beanie wars yeah i know we haven't played it yet but i know it will be fun and i'm re-reading the elite and i'm so exited for march break or at least the pa day before it because i might be going to my friends house and having a gross math test championship and then being crazy people (or just being ourselves) and i'm so exited but i don't even know what i a'm exited for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today when I was cleaning out the degu cage i learned
that you have to clean out the edges and really get in far
when you are cleaning it out because lot's of gunky stuff
gets locked in so me and clara learned it the hard way when
we cleaned it out because it smelt so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so we learned that that's what happens when you don't clean it out.
Today the biography discussion stuck with me.I liked it when we had to ask 4 questions to a partner we did not truly know.I found it tricky to ask some of the questions without them picking up what your asking abouts "has to"
Magritte things
what suck with me was the magritte art
The thing that stuck to me is Biography. I am really excited to get started and interview my subject! I think it is going to be a bit hard, but I want to try my best.
What stuck with me was the biography practice - I learned a lot about someone and now I know how I'm going to do my conference!
What stuck with me today was the interview in Tiius class.
The biography talk because I learned good ways to interview people.
biography because i learned the meaning of it.
What stuck with me today was mindful breathing on the GoNuddle website. I think it was really fun and we should do it again with our mindfulness buddies.
Shauna taught us how to breathe through our eyes i tried but i couldn't do it, she told us it was something that she had from a member of her family and not everybody can do it.
Today the discussion we had with Tiu's class is "stuck with me".
when you paint with watercolour you ,CANT LET ANY WHITE SHOW THROUGH OR EVEN EXIST!!!!!
well i learned some life lessons today you can breathe throw you eys and snaze throw your eras !
I learned how to interview people
I learned how to cooperate with a fellow classmate; Slavcheq (Yaro)
dance mania!!!!!!!!! because we learn a new move
The magritte art stuck with me today, I got started on a idea of what I want to do and I am so excited to work on it more!
doing gonoodle with the widlle kwinders (little kinders)
Gonoodle i LOVE Gonoodle is awesome 

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