Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What Stuck with Us Today? Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

What stuck with me was the presentation because it tot me about the brain and answered any if the questions.Something else that stuck with me was the math it gave me a better understanding on fractions. Madi
i love my new baby brother oh and the brain thing and it was amazing i learnt that there are more then 10000 brain cells in your brain i have a BROTHER and i am still LOVING the CHROMBOOKS!!!!!!!<)Kaleigh
I had fun learning about the brain. I learned that the neurons are used for the getting messages through your body. I think when I go to university I am going to take a course on the brain. I also had fun doing marcy cook. Yaro!
That you can get a long weird squeak in your ears from loud noises
that lasts forever. AND you have trillions of neurons!
Today the brain presentation is stuck with me!!! I found it really cool and I enjoyed it a lot! It was really cool and the thing about the blind women was amazing and "blew my mind"! The slideshow was very well described and was really cool! Also, I really liked the jelly bean experiment because it was really cool & now I have a trick for when my mum makes a grosse dinner, then I won't be able to taste a lot of the flavour;)Have a good rest of the day!Hannah
what is stuck with me today was the presentation.and also it was very exciting for kaleigh getting another brother!Ellis
I really enjoyed the brian presentations from carleton and the slideshow was interesting and finding out the kaleigh has another brother. Miguel
you still taste the base flavor of the food if your nose is plugged if you unplug your nose you can taste to the max! I guess the reason being there are sensory nerves in your brain so... yeah. mystery word R******wHUNTER!!!
The Brain-Teacher-People from Carleton U. I learned that you can live without a brain!

The nerve system how electricity waves travel through the nerves.Aaron McLeod
What stuck with me today was the brain presentation. I think it was really fun and the presenters were really nice. I hope that we can learn more about the brain this year. Gabby
Today i learned a lot about the Brain!
and the different parts! it was really
interesting! i know what job I want
when i'm older! a SURGEON!
When you smell something while you're studying you remember it better while you're writing it down if you smell the same thing.Nat
brains!!!!!Aaron McLeod

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