Monday, 31 March 2014

What Stuck With You Today? March 31st, 2014

that the plastic milk sounds good(SING IT WELL U READ) LOVING THE CHROMEBOOKS IS AWESOME AND FUN AND YAAAAAAAAA! I'm a musical genius. MeL
I learned how to use codecadamy and I honestly don't know because I mostly did ketchup work the whole day so there is nothing new that stuck with me. no.Millie
the fire drill.Jackson
I had fun doing the salsa.Yaro!
What stuck with me was the fire drill we were so quiet and it definitely shows that if we actually have a fire then we will be safe.Camden
Was math because it was like a show what you know on the success criteria for the bansho questions and it was totally cool. What also stuck with me was gym because it was very different to salsa dance with different people you have never worked with. Cromebooks are awesomeThomas!
Today whats stuck with me is Madi's vote, I can't wait until she does the experiments!Hannah
the morning wordle stuck with me today, because it says happy on it a lot.NOPE.Jack
whats whats stuck with you today the salsa, bansho, the fun, and the learning
who much fun do you get into
Aaron McLeod
The salsa dancing in the gym because it was fun to dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nils
Cozy coding is coming!I'm good at illiteration! (^)Pat
in french we watched a funny french skit. Ellis
i learnt how to do decimals and percentages like 1/4 the decimal is 0.25 and percentage is 25% Kaleigh!!!!
Turning fractions into decimals is what stuck with me ( : thx shaunanahHUNTER!!!
It felt good to finish the RMJ math work Miguel
salsa the new future dance Aaron McLeod
I had fun going skating on friday. I think it was better for shellie this time.Yaro!

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