Monday, 24 March 2014

What Stuck with Us Today? March 24th, 2014

The thing that stuck with me today is our new student teacher. I think she is really nice and I think it will be really helpful to have her in our class so we have extra help and another teacher. The other thing that stuck with me today is the stop motion. Me and Madi came up with some really good ideas and we have a great storyboard I think.Fiona
I like today
and nothing stuck with me today
LOVE LOVE LOVE chromebooks! MeL
The Vernissage stuck with me today.
It wa interesting to hear the names of their pieces and why they choose them.

Also the new science unit stuck with me.I liked how we could choose what we're interested in.So far it's very captivating .
the vernissage with buddiesNat
What stuck with me was degus on tour Madi
I learned what topic I am doing for the science project. I also learned that we are getting a new student tommorow. I also loved the vernissage by the kinders.I also learned how long it takes to drive from ikea to the school.Millie
The science project research. I learned that pac-man is programmed with, (warning: forecoming BIG WORDS) a Namco 3 Channel PSG and a Zilog Z80 Microprocessor!Camden
is the feeling o hand in my projum onthing ulseect that i'm not going t and nopeLaryssa
today I have 2 things that are stuck with me:
1. I learned lot's of information about Sara (our new student teacher)!
2. and today i got lot's of time today to finish my mustard work (must do work)
so i think that the mustad tracker is really working out a lot! and it organizes all of
my work so now i know what i need to do and ketchup a lot on for my must do work!
nope not today.Erika
Today when we were working on science is stuck with me because I got a ton of work done and learnt that there is enough energy in garbage to inflate a balloon!Hannah
Science research, because I learned a lot about wires and converting watts to volts to amps.(I didn't previously know what amps were) I also learned that wires are measured in gauges.NOPE.Jack
doing the degu tour with Madi stuck with me because it was funny how hard it was to keep them in the cage or to keep them in the box thing (temporary transportation from our class to our little buddies). Also starting the science projects stuck with me, I am excited to finish it and present it to the class, I learned that energy does not weaken, but it can transform, like if you have a fire, the energy in the fire will start to leave, but not weaken the energy will just transform into another form of energy and the fire itself will weaken from the lack of energy! Not today!Victoria
Was gym because i got a good exercise and i needed it.
What also stuck with me was the buddy art because it was really cool to see all the hand made art by are buddies and i learned one new thing about a artist
that I am going to prove to shauna that mermaids are real.By writing it in an saI WILL PROVE YOU WRONG shauna I WILLKaleigh
What stuck with me was that we have a new student teacher. I didn't get to work with her to day but I am looking forward to working her in the future. Also what stuck with me was poetry club. I really like to write poetry and I think that our class should do more.Gabby
We got a new student teacher named sara. she is very helpful. I also learned why batteries are different sizes.Yaro!
the sinc research was supper effective because i got a tone of work donecant wait for the new student skye
the kinder art show was really interesting and will stick with me and I thought sara was really helpful Miguel
-I learned that only some materials can create static electricity
-and that poetry is a fine writing
Aaron McLeod
I am very glad that we got a new student teacher and hey... she has the same interest as me. I wonder how Tiiu's class is going to react to us with the ChromebooksI love soccer.Johnny W. Kurelek III

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