Tuesday, 4 March 2014

What Stuck with Us Today? March 4th, 2014

Today the music show what you know stuck with me.Changing a song into C was a very tricky task which I found fun .
I also liked WITS and making little skits with our WITS buddies.
the music test. it was really hard, but I like having a challenge once in a while! but some of it I didn't really get though. I'm better with actually playing chords on the ukulele rather than theory.

Photography stuck with me today.
what stuck with me today is that i learned about
the animals and kids mode in photography.

and, i leaned about "GO noodle".
the wits skits stuck with me today
I really enjoyed the music show what you know. It was fun. I also had fun doing the photography.
skits that we did in roy's room
you can do really really cool stuff with I-movie
are withs presentation because i like doing it whit Roys class
Doing the wits with Roys class stuck with me, I like working with their class to do this project.
what stuck with me was when me and fiona made the tiny tech tutorials because it made me realize how techy we are
taking pics with macro
What stuck with me was photography because i learned new things about photography and its really fun to take fast shutter shots
The thing that stuck with me today is WITS skits. I really enjoyed working with my group, It was very fun working with kids in younger grades. I'm not sure if our group will be ready by the sharing, but we will try. I think if we get another time to work on we could finish it.
What stuck with me was the music show-what-you-know. I knew most of the answers, and I especially thank Owen for using his own time to play with us more during music. And not just more like 5 - 10 minutes. He stayed nearly 20 minutes!
What stuck with me today was music. I am really happy about how I did.
the WITS play that we are doing with roys class!
I learned that we are going to continue with the wits program, which sometimes, for me it doesn't feel fun.
WITS because I love working with younger kids.
working with roy's class and practicing the skit/play
what stuck with me today was photography with kate.

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