Thursday, 20 March 2014

What Stuck With Us Today - Thursday, March 20th, 2014

The about he author talk because I thought of new and cool things to add and take away from itNils
what stuck with me today is fractions in math and when we got asigned seats on the carpetJackson
What stuck with me was the poem reading and the french. It was sad thae mess uos in the ppeoms and the edits, and how some people didnt listen about the drawing AFTER in french.Camden
Today Francis Fractions stuck with me.
I liked the picture and wording tricks that made you think twice before you answered on your whiteboard .

Also about the author stuck with me.It was cool to try the snapshot setting on my Chrome Book and on the Google Drive
I learned all the songs we were doing in School of Rock. I thought some of them were pretty weird but there were some good ones in there. I also learned that you CANNOT live without a brain. But you can live with half your brain. Some people with alzheimers live with half their brain. Oh, I also learned about that Andy guy who looks like a 12 year old but is secretly 38.Millie
The two things that stuck with me today is Magritte and Reading buddies. Reading buddies this morning was really fun working with him in the morning. And the magritte stuck with me because it was really fun too and I am excited to finish it. Fiona
Today the fractions slideshow is stuck with me because it was very 'cre8ive' and it tricked us all at least once! I learned that you have to pay attention to the question more and make sure it has enough information so you can answer the question correctly! Also, reading buddies with Gillian's class is stuck with me because my buddy and I read a cool book with words 'cre8ed' with numbers!Hannah
Watching the fraction slideshow stuck with me, I liked having a different trick each slide, I liked the ice cream one were we had to find out how much dessert they eat so far. Reading buddies at the beginning of the day stuck to, me and Madi read two books and held the degus to, I think my buddy had a fun time to!not todayVictoria
Making the posters. Other than that nothing.Yaro!
What stuck with me was reading with my buddies because it was a really good book i think i even liked it more then my buddies did!!!!!!!!!!! The poems also stuck with me because i really like poems so it was nice Madi
theres a piece of your brain that makes you go through puberty

and theres an actor who is like thirty two or somthing and doesn't have that piece I mentioned earlier

sup : PHUNTER!!!
today what stuck with me today is the francis fractions
because when we were doing the questions about fractions,
there were a few tricks in the questions that stumped me
so it was interesting to learn more about fractions!
What stuck with me today was math because i learned different ways to answer a fraction questions. What also stuck with me you can still live even though part of your brain is dead.Thomas!
What stuck with me was 1/2 can be bigger than 1. It depends what the whole is.Nat
One thing that stuck with me was the poems. I love when we get to write and read poems I wish are class could do it more. Another thing that stuck with me was reading buddies. I also wish we could do more read with or without reading buddies. Divergent comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gabby

I love the way we do Whats Stuck with You it's so awesome to show what you did today
and I loved when we did about the author.
Aaron McLeod
that you actually can't live without a brain.and that lots of people including me have lots of friends Kaleigh
The fraction slideshow really stuck with me and also reading with our buddies this morning and not this afternoon Miguel
science and Poems stuck with me today. I found the poems really interestingNOPE.Jack             

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