Sunday, 2 March 2014

What Stuck with Us - February 28th, 2014

What Stuck with You Today?
I learned that we had to install the OCDSB network.
What stuck with me today was skating because it was a good exercise and its a little practice before my hockey game tonight
What stuck with me today was skating. I think it was really fun. I hope we are going to go skating again soon.
The skating stuck with me today because it was really fun and tiring.
The reading buddies. I really loved how we could read whatever book we wanted, as many as we want for free, and give books to needy children! It was awesome!
Today what stuck with me the most today is skating. I really liked skating and I think we should try better next time to be more respectful to our volunteers and our teacher (Shellie). I really enjoyed the skating. Next time I want to skate more than talking and skating slowly.
I had lots of fun reading books on we give books with my reading buddy. I think it is better than reading from a normal book because there is a big variety of books.
The Rene Magritte slideshow stuck with me. and also the buddy reading on we give books, its so much better and funner (yes, I just said 'funner'.)
What stuck with me was doing reading buddies with we give books, it was awesome, my buddie was reading more, and also the fact that every book we read, we donate a book to a child in need and I think that is so cool, you read a book, and help others around the world in need!
those techy guys that helped me get awesome apps.:)
i loved skating because i got a lot of energy out and i think that it is important for every one to get activ
we give books has a lot more books than I thought.
reading buddies because i have never seen my buddy so ingaged
the reading buddies on the online books were AWESOME.
Learning how to jump and spin at the same time when we want skating.
today when i was doing collaborative work on the drive, i learned what able-bodies means, it means that someone has all 4 limbs available for use for their body.
i really don't know
Today the Magritte inspired drawings stuck with me.Seeing all the weird and creepy ideas were a delight.Also the We Give Books stuck with me, it was so cool to know that when you were reading someone will read very soon!
The Magritte rough copy drawing is definitely whats stuck with me today. The one that inspired me was the one with the egg in the cage.
what stuck with me was the reading buddies on We give books because it made me realise how innovative our class is
IXL 6 7 and 8s times tables.
magritte it was AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That some people were ready for Hot Chocolate 4 Hope. I was worried that no one would be ready.

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