Thursday, 27 February 2014

What Stuck With Us on Feb 26th, 2014

What Stuck With You Today              Anything else to share?   Your name
I would have to say blues in the school again it was really enjoyable Miguel
today I leaned that there were different kinds of harmonicas and people can customize harmonicasUnicorns are REAL!!Hunter!!!
blues in the school I just love the blues music because I love harmonicas.Aaron McLeod
Today the math game we played is stuck with me, I was a really fun game and I can't wait until we play greedy pigs!Have a good rest of the day!Hannah
The math game because it was really fun and we should maybe do the same game but with multiplication. Nils
Blues in the schools stuck with me today because i found that it was the most interesting so far, in my opinion.Jack
The blues in the schools; I learned that there are many different types of harmonicas (or instuments in general) , and that by doing specific things to the body of the instrument can TOTALLY change the noiuse!Camden
I learned the twelve bar bluesnooc
what stuck with me today was 2 things so one of them was slc it was cool for kim i hope to see my slc and the math game was AWESOME kaleigh
what stuck with me today was...
-blue's in the school
I loved using the chromebooks the best. I love them so much and I liked collaborating on the drive and stuff. Its really fun:)nopeMillie
The two tricks for not getting nervous that Catrina taught us in Blues In The Schools. The first one his hold your pinky and the second one is tap around your chest. The second one stood out to me a bit more because I remember from Mind Up. I think it's the therapy where you tap sensory points.Nope.Pat
What stuck with me today? The thing that stuck to me the most was the cooperative Google doc about our Kiva loan. I fine that when we work together on a cooperative doc we can get more done. I also fined it really cool how we are all typing on the doc at once. I am really excited to make our decision on who we are going to loan to. I wrote about a person named Andres De Jesus. Me and Gabby explained why we wanted to have him as our loan.Fiona
Today Blues In The School stuck with me. In blues in the school I loved how happy the performers were. I thought that it was really fun. Also what stuck with me was the Kiva loan. I think that we should get back into doing the loans.Gabby
What stuck with me today
math with help stuck with me today, I finished the yellow light work and started the green light work and that gave me more of a challenge.
I also found that getting to know the chromebooks even better and using them more stuck with em today, I am so exited to work with them more!
What stuck with me today was the new math game because you had to try to match numbers to make doubles and if you had single numbers you would cross them out and then add up all the doubles and there is your answer Thomas!
Well, I didn't really learn anything new today but at the blues in the schools i learned a lot about Harmonica's the different sounds you can make, and the places where you can put your fingers to make sounds, plus one more thing that i learned about it was the different types of sounds you can make!noErika
Little Walter had no home and barely any money but he still managed to become a famous harmonica player. Nat
Playing the math game with clara stuck with me because we got a new record for the game, in was the perfect mix of fun and learning. noskye
what stuck with me was blues in the schools because of all the different sounds the harmonica can make madi
The why you cup your hands when you play the harmonica was cool to learn and interesting to know. I still LOVE THE CHROMEBOOKS!!!!!Melodee
Today Blues in the schools stuck with me.We learned about two famous Harmonica players.Sony Terry and little Walker.Little Walker got his name since he started so young,near when he was 14 he had no home and slept where he played on pool tables.Sony Terry would have so much air in his lungs and couldn't take more he'd go whooo whooo.Catreina said these were her two favorite players.Clara
hmmmmm let me think .KIVA!!!! thats what stuck with me today i really hope someone agrees with my choice of murunga and the one acer farmers . they don't need a lot , the loan will help the whole organization and her family , i can't see why no one seconded me yet ! plus she is going to use the profits from her farm to send her kids to school. also i was thinking a good project for our class:we research something and create a blog to tell the world about it and support it ! hear is a example lets say clara is concerned about how some girls don't get the same rights as boys ,she could make a blog about that (ha ha she already has one about that !)or ,lets say , erika could make a blog about animals or someone can make it about well anything that interests them !id like my class to know PLEASE JOIN MY DIGITLE BOOK CLUB

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